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Summer Programs at Notre Dame

International Leadership, Enrichment and Development

Since the summer of 2013, 42 Brazilian high school students have participated in the International Leadership, Enrichment and Development (iLED) program, a summer program that provides hands-on and intensive academic, cultural, and leadership experiences at Notre Dame. Students in these programs work directly with Notre Dame faculty in the classrooms and the laboratories, and go on academic and cultural excursions outside of the classroom.

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International Guidance Director Experience

Many Brazilian high school counselors have participated in the International Guidance Director Experience (iGuiDE) program, designed to introduce students to elite high schools and universities around the world. Over the course of the four-day program, participants have an opportunity to live in and experience the University of Notre Dame, one of the most iconic university campuses in the U.S. Moreover, participants will learn more about and gain firsthand experience of Notre Dame's short-term programs for international high school and college students in addition to meeting with representatives from Notre Dame’s various offices.

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