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Submissions for 2018 photo and video contest due January 31

DeMoe is standing at the top of Mt. Geraneia, which overlooks the Gulf of Corinth After a long day of hiking and getting lost, Dominique DeMoe eventually found her way to the top of Mount Geraneia in Greece. To her left, she could see the ancient city of Corinth, where...
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New Report: Notre Dame is #2 in the nation for study abroad participation

The University of Notre Dame’s commitment to internationalization continues to be recognized on a national level, as the University moves up in the rankings for study abroad participation. The Institute for International Education ranks Notre Dame second among doctorate-granting universities for undergraduate participation during 2016-2017.…
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Notre Dame partners with University of São Paulo for law conference

In October 2017, the University partnered with the University of São Paulo for a law conference on the theme of rule of law and anti-corruption. Faculty from the Notre Dame law school, Kellogg’s Institute for International Studies, and Department of Political Science participated in the event.…

Fr. Jenkins reflects: Our compass points south

In March 2016, Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C. visited São Paulo to open the São Paulo Global Center (SPGC). It was part of a six-day trip to three South American countries in 2016 to help strengthen Notre Dame's presence in academic, Church, and government sectors. …

Notre Dame makes additions to Fellows and Board

A new Fellow of the University and eight new members of the Board of Trustees were elected at the spring meetings of the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees on May 1 and 2. Five members of the Board also were elevated to emeritus status.
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Brazilian Judge Sérgio Moro receives Notre Dame award

University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., presented the Notre Dame Award to Brazilian Judge Sérgio Moro at a ceremony Oct. 2 (Monday) in São Paulo for his courageous efforts to preserve the “nation’s integrity through his steadfast, unbiased application of the law.”
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Brazilian Judge Sérgio Moro to serve as Notre Dame’s 2018 Commencement speaker

Brazilian Judge Sérgio Moro will receive an honorary degree and serve as principal speaker at Notre Dame’s 173rd commencement ceremony May 20. Moro is a federal judge in the southern city of Curitiba who has gained international recognition and commendation in recent years for his sentencing of powerful Brazilian politicians and...